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Gemini Consulting is passionately committed to helping people build successful relationships based on better communication. By working with individuals to help them sharpen their conflict resolution, public speaking, job-seeking and interpersonal skills, and with organizations to solve communication issues or provide communication training at all levels, we provide communication services to an international clientele. Contact us to find out how we can serve your business, educational or personal communication needs.

Gemini’s CEO: Dr. Annie Shibata

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”
~E. M. Forster

As businesswoman, communication trainer, college professor, and international consultant, I am passionate about and grateful for the opportunity to work with a very diverse group of people from all over the globe, at all levels of their companies. This group includes executives, managers, factory workers, culinarians, scientists, medical professionals, college professors, engineers, software developers, sales professionals, and other people in the food, manufacturing, health, insurance and higher education industries. More About Dr. Shibata

Successful Relationships Based on Better Communication

Here are some of the customized communication services we provide for clients:

Business Services

  • Communication Training and Coaching
  • Relationship Management Services (US-JAPAN)
  • Cross-cultural Business Coaching and Training
  • Coaching, training and support for international transitions (employees and their families)
  • All Business Services

Personal Coaching Services

  • Presentation and Public Speaking coaching
  • Communication skills coaching for business or personal issues
  • Personal coaching for expatriates in transition
  • All Coaching Services

Tips & Techniques

  • Q & A on International Business

    Q. What is an international consultant, and how is he/she different from an interpreter? A. A good international consultant (IC) is a go-between who helps manage relationships and communication. A good IC is fluent in the language of the people of the culture you are doing business with. Unlike an interpreter, whose job it is [...]

  • 10 Questions to Check Your Communication Skills

    Self reflecting on your communication skills is a great first step to seeing where any gaps exist- these are all opportunities for growth! Ask yourself these 10 simple questions: 1. What is my communication goal? Consider short- and long-term goals as well as what action, information or commitment you want now and in the future. [...]

  • Clear and Direct Conflict Communication

    When having a conflict with someone, try using the “I” message technique to get your point across. This method uses behavioral description and the speaker takes responsibility for feelings. Using “I” messages in a clear way allows you to be assertive without being aggressive. They are less likely to cause the receiver to react defensively [...]

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