Gemini’s CEO: Dr. Annie Shibata

As businesswoman, communication trainer, college professor, and international consultant, I have had the great fortune to work with a very diverse group of people from all over the globe, at all levels of their companies. This group includes executives, managers, factory workers, culinarians, scientists, medical professionals, college professors, engineers, software developers, sales professionals, and other people in the food, manufacturing, health, insurance and higher education industries.

From 1982-1998 I lived and worked in Japan and lectured extensively in Japanese on cross-cultural communication issues, in addition to founding a communication and culture training school in Fukuoka, Japan. I have participated in relationship management between US and Japanese companies since the 1980′s, and have assisted US companies in their dealings with Japanese companies by participating in meetings both in Japan and the US, but also as the “guide on the side” who quietly supports executives by remaining out of the picture as a sounding board or even assisting in creating presentations to be used cross culturally. I have given testimony as a court certified expert witness on Japanese culture and communication in several business-related court cases.

Media Skills: I appeared weekly on two different Japanese TV programs over a 4 year period in addition to doing other Japanese TV and radio work. On this side of the Pacific, in 2013 I was interviewed about “Communicating Better in the New Year” by national, regional and local radio programs, with broadcasts on the Wall Street Journal Radio Network and Main Street Radio, as well as local and regional shows in cities including Atlanta; Boston; Hartford; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; New York; St. Louis; and Washington, D.C.

I teach Leadership, Cross-cultural Communication, Crisis Communication, Conflict, Negotiation, and Public Speaking courses at the undergraduate and graduate college level. I have designed and delivered customized workshops in the United States and Japan for both profit and non-profit organizations. It has been my privilege to serve in several volunteer leadership positions, including non-profit Healthcare Board Member, chairing the strategic planning committee in my local school district, and serving as President and Advisory Board member of the AFWJ, a professional association of over 500 expatriate women in Japan.

These varied experiences have helped me develop skills that I can put to work for YOU and your team.

Whether you want to present more effectively, represent yourself or your company to the media, or communicate better with culturally different clients or stakeholders, I can help. I’ve designed and delivered many customized solutions for clients including face to face workshops, one on one coaching, conflict resolution, and online training. I’ve helped folks improve communication across the cultural divide, including providing training and orientation for those going overseas to countries such as The U.K., Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Jamaica and Japan as well as for non-Americans transitioning to live and work for companies here in the US. I’ve helped clients present more effectively both inside and outside their organizations, think about and strategize to clearly communicate their message while remaining authentic, and have better, more satisfying communication within their organizations.

Serving clients is a responsibility and an honor I value highly. Please call for a free, confidential consultation about your personal or organizational communication or educational needs. Let me help YOU enhance your message!

Some organizations I have had the privilege and pleasure of working for include:

  • 4-H New York (USA)
  • Advantage Funding (USA)
  • Baptist Home of Brooklyn (USA)
  • Chikushi Jogakuen University (Japan)
  • Columbia-Greene Community College (USA)
  • Dean Foster Associates (USA)
  • Fukuoka Communication Center (Japan)
  • Fukuoka Educational University (Japan)
  • Fuji Motors (Japan)
  • Fujitsu Ltd. (Japan)
  • Higashi Hospital (Japan)
  • Hitachi Ltd. (Japan/US)
  • Hudson Valley World Trade Center (USA)
  • International Student Advisors (Japan)
  • Kyushu Industrial University (Japan)
  • Marist College (USA)
  • Runzheimer International (Japan)
  • Sanwa Bank (USA)
  • Shell Oil Japan (Japan)
  • Simmons College (USA)
  • The Culinary Institute of America (USA)
  • The Northeast Ohio Medical University NEOMED (USA)
  • The Muto Denki Corp. (Japan)
  • The Spencer Turbine Co. (USA)
  • The Thompson House (USA)
  • Walden University (USA)

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