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Business Services
Does your company need assistance in their internal communications or with international teams or clients? Do you have expatriate executives or managers who are struggling with business and cultural differences in the U.S., or overseas, or representatives who deal with foreign cultures? Gemini Consulting can create solutions tailored to fit your business needs. Workshops, Coaching for individuals and groups, Mediation and Conflict solving.

Personal Coaching Services
Do you need help with your self-presentation or impression management? Do you want assistance practicing presentations or interviewing techniques? Do you have communication problems in your personal or professional life or just want an objective coach to help you with your communication skills? Annie can help you discover your communication strengths and repair your weaknesses so you can be an even better YOU!

Education Services
Annie has designed online and face to face courses, worked with assessments, and as a former Assistant Dean of Instructional Development, assisted faculty in improving their classroom outcomes. She designs workshops for institutions to help faculty be more self- reflective in their approach to student centered teaching, as well as to assist your faculty and staff on an individual basis to be more interculturally competent. She can also advise on attracting international students to your program or arranging exchanges and partnerships with Japanese institutions, and does pre-departure workshops for students going overseas or families hosting foreign students.

Tips & Techniques

  • 10 Questions to Check Your Communication Skills

    Self reflecting on your communication skills is a great first step to seeing where any gaps exist- these are all opportunities for growth! Ask yourself these 10 simple questions: 1. What is my communication goal? Consider short- and long-term goals as well as what action, information or commitment you want now and in the future. [...]

  • Clear and Direct Conflict Communication

    When having a conflict with someone, try using the “I” message technique to get your point across. This method uses behavioral description and the speaker takes responsibility for feelings. Using “I” messages in a clear way allows you to be assertive without being aggressive. They are less likely to cause the receiver to react defensively [...]

  • 4 Basic Building Blocks of Effective Global Business Communication

    Global business communication is comprised of 4 basic building blocks. In order to be an effective cross-cultural business communicator, you must have an understanding of: Cultural structure Communication style Business Practices General Protocol First, think about this list in relation to your own cultural values and communication styles. Cultural SELF AWARENESS is crucial to becoming [...]

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