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Tips & Techniques

  • 10 Questions to Check Your Communication Skills

    Self reflecting on your communication skills is a great first step to seeing where any gaps exist- these are all opportunities for growth! Ask yourself these 10 simple questions: 1. What is my communication goal? Consider short- and long-term goals as well as what action, information or commitment you want now and in the future. [...]

  • Clear and Direct Conflict Communication

    When having a conflict with someone, try using the “I” message technique to get your point across. This method uses behavioral description and the speaker takes responsibility for feelings. Using ā€œIā€ messages in a clear way allows you to be assertive without being aggressive. They are less likely to cause the receiver to react defensively [...]

  • 4 Basic Building Blocks of Effective Global Business Communication

    Global business communication is comprised of 4 basic building blocks. In order to be an effective cross-cultural business communicator, you must have an understanding of: Cultural structure Communication style Business Practices General Protocol First, think about this list in relation to your own cultural values and communication styles. Cultural SELF AWARENESS is crucial to becoming [...]

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