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Tips & Techniques

  • Clear and Direct Conflict Communication

    When having a conflict with someone, try using the “I” message technique to get your point across. This method uses behavioral description and the speaker takes responsibility for feelings. Using ā€œIā€ messages in a clear way allows you to be assertive without being aggressive. They are less likely to cause the receiver to react defensively [...]

  • 4 Basic Building Blocks of Effective Global Business Communication

    Global business communication is comprised of 4 basic building blocks. In order to be an effective cross-cultural business communicator, you must have an understanding of: Cultural structure Communication style Business Practices General Protocol First, think about this list in relation to your own cultural values and communication styles. Cultural SELF AWARENESS is crucial to becoming [...]

  • 10 Tips for Effective Cross Cultural Business Communication

    When presenting to or communicating with foreign business associates, clients, and potential partners, keep these pointers in mind to make your message more effective: 1. Take time for the getting to know you stage: In many countries, business relationships take time, particularly in cultures that value relationships for the long-term. It is important not to [...]

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